6 Pillars of our organization

  • Community Water Safety Education and Outreach Program
  • Lifeguard Training
  • Learn to Swim Program
  • Survival Swimming Education
  • Research and Validation
  • Leadership and Operational Excellence
  • 1. Community Water Safety Education and Outreach Program

    3 locations Buvuma island, Lake Bunyonyi, Kalangala

    Our instructors provide:

    • Swimming lessons
    • Water safety education
    • Rescue techniques
    • CPR

    2. Learn to Swim Program

    Our learn to swim program is taken in various districts of Uganda like Kalangala, Buvuma, Kabale, Wakiso and Kampala.
    Youth are trained with our focus on delivering:

    • Swimming lessons (following WHO 21 steps)
    • Water safety education

    174 children trained and certified in basic swimming skills from all 50 Uganda Scout districts in 2018

    3000 scouts taught the 10 water safety messages in 2018

    3. Survival Swimming Program

    Locations: Radio stations, community meetings, schools
    We promote:

    • Life jacket usage instructions
    • Public awareness education
    • School water safety education efforts

    4. Lifeguard Training

    3 Locations: 2 in Kampala, 1 mobile
    Settings: Pool positions, open water/beach rescue

    • Basic rescue and drowning prevention
    • Pool management
    • Interpreting signs of drowning and distress

    5. Research and Validation

    We currently recommend and are working on…

    • Development of lifeguards curriculum with
    • Promotion of inclusion of water safety education into schools’ curriculum
    • Development of national aquatic signage standards
    • And much more

    6. Leadership and operational excellence

    Our team is made up of

    • 6 trained SSU instructors
    • 12 community instructors
    • 3 program commissioners
    • Many stakeholders and board members